We reserve the right to remove any content contributed to this website by members, travelers, or any other user of the website (each named "user") that does not comply with the following guidelines:

Traveler reviews and owners' responses are subjective opinions of travelers and owners who forwarded the content. These are not our opinions and we do not endorse them.

We are under no obligation to investigate the truthfulness or accuracy of property listings, reviews, responses or any other content submitted to this website.

Eligibility Guidelines for Property Reviews - To review a property, the traveler must meet the following requirements:

The traveler reviewing a property must be able to provide evidence of his or her stay on that property, which must be the one listed on the property under review.

Any member of the leasing party can write a review.

Only a member or the landlord can write a review for any stay on a property.

Travelers can go to if they wish to update or withdraw their reviews.

The traveler must be at least 18 years old.

An owner cannot review his or her own property.

Responses to Reviews by Owners or Members:

Responses from owners or members should be made by the owner or manager of the property, or its authorized representative.

Content Guidelines - No user of this website can provide any content (including, but not limited to listings and property reviews, and responses) that contravenes the following guidelines:

  • The content must be directly related to its purpose. As an example we can mention:
    • Descriptions of property listings should refer to the property, and to information that could be useful to the traveler
    • Reviews of a property should focus on the traveler's stay
    • The content uploaded to a forum should conform to the purpose of the forum and the discussion
  • Content shall not violate the rights of any person, contravene the law or otherwise be inappropriate. Some examples include:
    • Personal data that can be used to identify or contact a person
    • Promotional Content that advertises other websites, businesses, services or products not affiliated with this website;
    • Content that is obscene, abusive, discriminatory or illegal.
  • Neither the reviews nor the answers should disclose the physical location of the property or the rates applied by the owner or manager
  • All content must be truthful and not misleading
  • Users uploading content must have all legal rights to upload such content
  • Users cannot write a comment or response with the aim of trying to force an owner or traveler to do something that the user wants him or her tog do. The comments are for the benefit of future travelers, not for one party to threaten the other
  • Content may not be uploaded in order to coerce a particular response or action by another person in an unlawful, abusive or otherwise inappropriate manner. For example, a traveler may not upload a negative review in order to attempt to have a property-owner returning a deposit

If you notice a review or response that does not fit the above guidelines, please go to We will investigate all reported abuse and promptly remove reviews or responses that we believe violate our guidelines.

The last update of these Content Guidelines was made on Jun 22th, 2017