What can Latitude21Rentals do for you?

Latitude21Rentals offers niche rental advertising for privately owned houses, condominiums, fractional ownership condos, traditional timeshares, and vacation clubs in destinations that run along Latitude 21; think Hawaii, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

With our customized software and website you remain in control of your property at all times. Our owner dashboard with its renter confirmation system helps ensure that only guests approved by the owner may stay at your property.

Latitude21Rentals works to encourage foreign investment in these exotic destinations, thereby increasing the value of your vacation property. We believe in supporting individual property owners and local business owners by providing a medium to connect them with the vacationers specifically looking for their own piece of heaven on earth.

Our advertising doesn’t stop at the website; along with our online advertising we also drive traffic to our customers through other means. Latitude21Rentals actively advertises to brokers, timeshare resellers, and other timeshare owners, along with the rest of the world through our direct advertising, social media campaigns, email blasts, and call campaigns. Rest assured Latitude21Rentals is working hard to rent ever last piece of property advertised with us.

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Property owners

If you own a place where people can lay their heads at night, and that place happens to be in Hawaii, Mexico, or the Caribbean, then we can help you rent it out. If you own a private home, condominium, fractional ownership, traditional timeshare, or a vacation club then fill out the Contact Us info and let’s get started on your rental today.

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Vacation property descriptions


This is probably the most common type of vacation ownership property. Timeshares can be deeded or right to use, fixed, floating, or points based, but are generally great places to stay and enjoy a nice vacation with your family. Any rental inventory posted on our advertisement should be reserved first to ensure the smoothest possible rental experience possible.


These are usually deeded properties (in mexico a deed is called an escritura and non Mexican citizens must use a fideicomiso to own one) and can be sold in 4 week, 6, 8, or 12 week intervals. Since there are less owners on each units, the approved usage time is usually fixed for each fractional owner.

Traditional Ownership

This is generally a second home or vacation property of some kind. These have just one owner per unit and they have rights to use it like any other home. Of course, they have a deed or other type of legal proof of ownership.

Latitude21Rentals is a one stop shop for premier luxury properties for rent by owner in:

find a rental in Hawaii


The Hawaiian Islands are a place where fire has met water, in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean, and against all odds, has created a paradise so complete you have to see it to believe it.

find a rental in Mexico


White sandy beaches with tropical blue waters, alongside an endless variety of day activities, are only a few of the reasons why people return to this destination year after year.

find a rental in the caribbean

The Caribbean

Beautiful tropical islands each one has developed a unique combination of language, island dialect, architecture, flora and fauna, history, culture, food, and its own version of island life.